My Digital Footprint

Photo obtained from flickr via dekade

A year ago you wouldn’t catch me putting my real name on the Internet, I had an alias for every account and a special email address for bogus online sign ups.  When you Google searched my name ‘Jennifer Adams’ you would never find me.  When I first began my BEd in fall of 2011 I thought that this was the safest route for me, especially with all the talk about students finding you online and use the information they find there against you.  Needless to say I feared being found online.  However, one year later and my opinion has changed.  I now use my real name for account profiles, I even use my real photograph and I write mini-bio’s about myself.  

So what has changed?  

For me it was that I realized the value in having an online presence or digital footprint.  I want future employers, students parents and even students to find me online and see who I really am.  I have nothing to hide, I am an active, energetic and passionate person about many things.  So VALUE #1: let people see who I  really am.

I also realized that I have something to contribute to the online community.  I have opinions about educational related ideals.  I have FUN and creative ideas!  AND I have written some really great lesson plans! VALUE #2: Share my work and opinions with others.

Finally I realized that by sharing my opinions and work with others, I am able to connect with other Educators and Specialists.  I can collaborate, I can converse and I can network.  Why would I put a ton of effort into letting people network with an alias?!  VALUE #3: Networking.

There are many other great reasons why you should develop a Digital Footprint, but these are the ones that are the most important to me.  So, where can you find me?  Well right now I am sadly not at the top of a Google search (since my name is so common), but I am working on changing this ;)  But you can find me in the following corners of the web:

Twitter – @Jennasis22

WordPress –

Flickr – Jennasis222


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2 thoughts on “My Digital Footprint

  1. Jen, what a thoughtful and insightful post. I think your values are all great reasons we should get ourselves online. It will take time for us to develop our digital footprint, but a year from now we will both be at the top of a Google search!
    By the way, I love your blog photo.

  2. What great post Jen! It’s cool to see how you went from ZERO online presence, to now. I agree with you when you said at first having no online presence seemed to be the way to go based on all the talk of being fired over facebook posts etc, and how careful we must be. I also agree that after entering the education faculty, my views on this have dramatically changed and I too have realized that having an online presence is actually quite important! Cool blog, it’s nice to see what “me” is like vs. “blogspot.”

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